The Future is Here

January 23, 2008

Well, start saving your pennies.  Virgin Galactic is now booking reservations to travel to outer space.  For a mere $200,000 you can experience four and half minutes of weightlessness and an incredible view.  Plus, the spaceship looks pretty sweet…11_virgingalacticll_500x437.jpg 


A General Introduction

January 23, 2008

Now I am not much for blogs.  Most of the ones from my peers that I have come across consist of daily nonsense such as, “well I had a turkey club for lunch today and tonight’s episode of Jeopardy was really great!”, and I know for myself, when my blog is not made up of such ridiculousness, I completely forget to post, plus no one reads it anyway, so a few entries dated from years past remain in cyber space on websites such as blogspot, livejournal and xanga, sitting on a server in some guy’s basement, wasting space.  However, this is different.  From the Porch is an attempt at a multi-author blog with one goal: simple thoughts from a few gentlemen and nothing more.  No nonsense posts about random garbage that no one cares about.  No deep, complicated talk about things that are foreign to the common man.  Simply experiences, thoughts, reviews, revelations, stories, insights, prayers, and discussions, all from the humble points of view of 4 college students.  We hope that this will build upon itself and that it may serve as a tool to bring ourselves into discussion as well as any readers or anyone who wants to join the discussion.  Enjoy.  Check it often as you never know who will say what or when.  We are very excited to announce the launch of From the Porch and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.