The Future is Here

Well, start saving your pennies.  Virgin Galactic is now booking reservations to travel to outer space.  For a mere $200,000 you can experience four and half minutes of weightlessness and an incredible view.  Plus, the spaceship looks pretty sweet…11_virgingalacticll_500x437.jpg 

2 Responses to The Future is Here

  1. K_shaw says:

    I’ve heard about this. I wonder when commercial space travel will become afforable and common, much like the way air travel came to be. At first it was only for the upper class and now its for everyone.

    Btw – have you guys told many other people about this site? I don’t wanna feel all weird…

  2. J. Leighton Bratcher says:

    I imagine that our repeated exposure to the photographs taken of our beautiful Earth from outside of our orbit has calloused us towards even being able to imagine the unparalleled astonishment that our wonderful home could bring. We are, if we open ourselves up to it, amazed at the tiniest details of a tree, a fallen flower petal, or even a praying mantis. How much more grand must it be to be able to see the entire Earth in all of its splendor. This adventure may well be worth the $200k, but only, I imagine, if the purchaser of such an experience allows themselves to be moved in such a way where this once in a lifetime opportunity may point to the One who created such an incredible home for us.

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