Today was a glorious day of rain and puddles, complete with paper boat races down the gutters of Route 66. For me, rain begets poetry in my heart.

Sweet rain, the most beautiful of all poets,
Your rhymes fall without meter
Pooling into stanzas upon leaves.
Rhythmically your meditations descend
Whispering soft memories of my beloved.

The unconscious audience continues unaware
As your verses seep into song.
Softening somber soil,
Fertily feeding our fibers,
Reaching roots.

As your reading fades
The weight of your words lift.
We may now stretch toward the sun
Left in your wake.

3 Responses to Rainfall

  1. B. Shaw says:

    Wow. (That’s a good wow)

    I don’t know what to say. That was really good. Great. Great job. I very much enjoyed it. You’re a natural. You managed to escape the eight/great, awesome/possum, cool/pool trap I too often fall victim to. Seriously, I enjoyed it. Great job. I also liked that the flow of it wasn’t “buh buh bum buh bum buh buh, buh buh bum buh buh, buh buh buh buh BUM buh buh, bum buh buh buh bum” Good imagery too.

  2. kendonshaw says:


  3. B. Shaw says:

    You will shut your mouth now, thank you.

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