What Chores Would Jesus Do?

Check out this article from the LA Times.  When I first read the title, I rolled my eyes, figuring it was a typical “Christian Article”.  It is quite long, but after I finished it, I was very glad that I had read it.  It is very interesting to read and awesome to read how these people are striving to be more Christ like.  Read the article all the way through, and then post your thoughts here.  

One Response to What Chores Would Jesus Do?

  1. Alex W. says:

    I appreciated the quote of ‘Church is not something we attend, it’s something we are.” It’s been said time and again in sermons everywhere, but it reminded me this time especially, and in this context, that the ‘we are’ goes even beyond a group or gathering of believers. It’s really predicated on the action behind the group of people or believers, such as the people in the article moving out of their former lives.

    Kind of makes me think of two juxtaposing thoughts: we ought to know how to lead ourselves before leading others (as in the article); leading others can show you a lot about yourself.

    Interesting to see the reader’s comments on the article’s webpage.

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