A Club Full of Drama or How I Got Over The Cooties – Part II

I talked to the drama teacher about it, and seeing my incredible discomfort, decided that we would not kiss, but at the close of the play, hold hands as the curtain closed.  This was the greatest news I had ever heard!  A great burden had been lifted off of my shoulders!  Oh praise the LORD!  For He is good! Maid Marian was fine with this, knowing how uncomfortable I was with the entire situation. 


As we finished up rehearsal the next day, Megan stopped me on my way out.  “Hey Brandon, did you get a chance to listen to that tape yet?” I had completely forgotten about the tape, which was still sitting inside my backpack.  “Oh, no.  Sorry, I have been real busy with homework.”  “Well, you should listen to it.” she said.  “Okay, I will” I said as I got into my mom’s minivan.  “See you tomorrow!” she said enthusiastically.  “Yeah, bye” I said in monotone voice. 


As the rehearsal the next day was coming to a close,  I felt a sense of relief, knowing that I would not have to subject myself to the incredible agony of kissing a girl.  The entire last scene, that’s all I thought about.  I had triumphed!  “The King has issued a decree!”  I said in a dramatic voice.  I unrolled the scroll and continued to deliver my lines.  “As for Little John…” As I continued reciting my lines, I thought about how awful it would have been to kiss a girl.  Who would want to do that?  “And for Friar Tuck…” I continued.  I didn’t like Maid Marian at all.  She was a nice person, but that was the end of our relationship.  I couldn’t understand how anyone could just go up and kiss someone like it was nothing, all in the name of acting.  “And Maid Marian and I shall marry!” I belted out, to the sound of the rest of the cast cheering.  The narrator began the final monologue explaining how we would all live happily ever after.  I turned toward Maid Marian in order to grab her hand, but just as I did, she began to inch closer towards me.  We were now facing each other.  I began to panic.  “THIS IS NOT PART OF THE PLAN!” I thought.  I remained standing straight up, aware of my impending doom, but powerless to stop it.  As she leaned in and upwards I felt perhaps the most discomfort I had ever felt.  She had a look on her face as if to say, “Come on, get over it.  You’re being ridiculous.”  Our lips touched for what seemed like eternity but was most likely more like half a second.  I couldn’t believe that she had just done that! What was I going to tell my parents?!  The ridicule would start the next day!  I could already hear my brother making fun of me in my head. 


To my surprise, nothing happened.  No one cared at all.  As rehearsal finished, no one said anything about it, it was as if this epic kiss that had altered my life meant nothing!  Though I was relieved, I was a little bit disappointed, as if I felt I deserved a “congratulations!” or a pat on the back because Maid Marian followed the script and kissed me in drama club. 


As we left rehearsal, once again, Megan asked me, “Hey, so did you listen to that tape yet?” “Oh, sorry!  No, not yet!  But I will, I promise” I said as I put my backpack on, tape still inside. 


The next week at drama club rehearsal, before we started, Megan showed me the new prop she had made.  “It’s a scroll.”  She said, as she unveiled a miniature version of what I had previously used for the last scene.  My final monologue, the decree from the King, was quite long, and the small size of the scroll I would be reading from would add to the humor.  I unrolled the one inch wide, nine inch long scroll.  “Oh cool, this will be funny.”  I said.  “So have you listened to that tape yet?” Megan asked once again.  “No, but really, I’ll listen to it.” I said as I handed her the miniature scroll back.  “But now, I have to go get makeup on.”

One Response to A Club Full of Drama or How I Got Over The Cooties – Part II

  1. blazedanielle says:

    Brandon! Your story telling skills are a true and rare gift! 🙂 I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the end of this epic tale! Please conclude it soon! I am in such suspense!!

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