A Club Full Of Drama or How I Got Over The Cooties – Part III

February 1, 2008

It was the week of the performance and we had a full dress rehearsal. Everyone was in costume, all plastered with makeup, tights on (it was Robin Hood after all). We had spent many weeks practicing diligently and were a bit anxious for the first complete run through with everything. I felt nervous not only because I was wearing tights and makeup, but because there was no stopping. The lights were on, the stage was set, now I just had to remember all of my lines.

The run through went pretty well. I was not very nervous as I had acted a little bit before and we had rehearsed this play backwards and forwards. I knew my lines and I knew my actions. After the first act, we took a short break. The director complimented each of us on a great first half and encouraged us to do great on the second. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was the lead role in the play and doing a fine job. I felt confident with my acting skills. When someone would forget a line, I would often be able to ad lib and help them along to their next line. I knew what needed to go where, who needed to say what, and in general what was going on. Nothing could throw me off, I was in the groove. One act down, one to go.

The second half continued on very smoothly, and without any major hiccups. Throughout the second half, I was pleased with my performance, and inside secretly looking a little forward to the close of the play. Just a little part inside me was a little bit excited for the closing kiss. I didn’t like Maid Marian. But as a ninth grade kid who looked like this:picture-1.pngand who had minimal interaction with girls, it was a little bit of a thrill for me to kiss her, as awkward as it was for me to do, and even more awkward for anyone to watch. But throughout the second act, I eagerly anticipated this moment. Read the rest of this entry »