Classical Music in the Community

Just a few posts ago, we were discussing classical music and the difficulties it faces. One such hurdle was the fact that great orchestras, such as the LA Phil are very expensive to attend. Well after tonight, I am incredibly encouraged.Tonight, I attended a concert given by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It took place at Pomona First Baptist. The cost? A mere $5. This incredible event was the 9th annual LA Phil in Pomona Concert, put on by the city of Pomona. Due to the incredibly low price, and the location, many people were able to attend. People from all walks of life, ages, genders, and races packed the large sanctuary. It was incredibly encouraging to see young kids, the elderly, and people my age all attending the same concert. This was an incredible opportunity, bringing fantastic classical music out to the people.I soon had to realize that this concert was very different than any other classical concert I would attend. The acoustics of the sanctuary were a bit odd. The strings could be heard quite well. The winds and brass, though positioned highest on the stage, never seemed to quite reach their full potential. Frequent coughs, the cry of a baby, and poor applause timing plagued the evening. This irritated me at first until I realized that this is exactly what I wanted. All of that comes with the territory. Of course they are going to begin applauding when there is a short rest. Of course there are going to be babies crying. But the people are there nonetheless, eager to hear the beautiful music made by this professional group. I promptly removed my elitist music snob cap and enjoyed the rest of the concert. It was so great to see all these different types of people enjoying classical music together.Though it was a very different experience from an LA Phil concert at Disney Hall, it holds equal value in my mind. They have brought incredible music to the community. In the age of video games and disappearing music programs, the LA Phil has struck back to provide easily accessible great music to the people.

2 Responses to Classical Music in the Community

  1. garibald says:

    I like classic music

  2. […] they saw! More impressive to me was not our performance, but how fortunate we are to enjoy this so freely and frequently,yet our arrival and stay with them was a big event. One that was between two big music festivals […]

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