A Poem of Frustration

February 7, 2008

I have never been good at writing poetry
because the words that often flow from me
have a cheesy little rhyme scheme,
the A-B-A-B type.

I can never break the mold
and make poetic gold.
But maybe if i’m bold
I’ll write without the gripe.

But then there’s the issue of content.
No matter how much time I’ve spent,
other people’s poems I too often resent.
But their ideas i can’t blatantly steal.

Love poems seems silly,
Or, is it a good poem, really?
If I write about the weather being chilly?
If only I had more zeal…

I want to be good with words
like the people deemed, “nerds”.
Hey, this poem rhymes in thirds!
I’m breaking away this time.

So I guess I’ll just keep at it
this poetry mountain i’ll climb
oh no, that’s it, I’ve had it
I’m back to the A-B-A-B rhyme!