Sometimes I wish there were no sleep.

I would stay up late talking, reading, writing, making music,

I would be up early in the morning for a nice run, a warm cup of coffee and a good read.

I would go about my day getting things done, feeling great.

But then I hear that all too familiar beep.

I awake feeling like I’ve been hit with a brick,

Just 5 more minutes, to myself I plead,

But when I wake an hour later, I find I’m running late

There’s only one to blame, I’ve sown, now I must reap.

As I continue to sleep, the clock continues to tick,

I should see my patterns and take heed,but instead continue in my sleep deprivation, it’s 1:08!

3 Responses to Sleep

  1. Alex W. says:

    Agreed Brandon! Oh my… look at the clock…

  2. Dictionary says:


  3. layne says:

    this is so good and true

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