Think for Yourself

The other night I saw Ben Stein’s film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  The film is a documentary about the battle between Darwinist evolution and intelligent design.  It is less about proving or disproving evolution or intelligent design and more about the active and aggressive suppression of ideas taking place in the ranks of science and education.

            As a journalist I have noticed this trend as it has occurred in the media.  Scientific theories used to be just that, but today if a theory is repeated enough it becomes unchallengeable fact.  And that is how Darwinist feel about evolution and having those feelings they find no fault in oppressing those studying other possibilities.  Scientists have been repeating Darwinism constantly and shushing anything else and the media has been allowing it.

            Stein’s film is refreshing in that it allows and values the freedom of independent thought and of the expression of ideas.  The fact is that the origin of life is still a very live discussion in which there is no one who has any solid idea.  In fact, when the Darwinists are pressed to clearly state an idea they often turned to aliens.

            Where the film triumphs is in its look at the social effects of the debate and the theories being so adamantly stood for and against.  One place this takes the film is in a discussion of the role of Darwinism, evolution and natural selection in the Holocaust and euthanasia.  The film is interesting and worth seeing if only to get a look at a legitimate theory that the people in power are not letting you see. 



5 Responses to Think for Yourself

  1. dracil says:

    What, pray tell, do you think a “scientific theory” is? (Here’s a hint, it’s not a “guess,” nor a “hypothesis”)

    As a journalist, shouldn’t you be worried about all the people neglected in Ben’s film? All the people who have been fired, forced to recant, physically assaulted, and had death threats leveled on them for teaching evolution or speaking out against creationism? Shouldn’t you be worried that the filmmakers chose only prominent atheist scientists to represent evolution, while ignoring all the Christian scientists with no problem with it (who believe in Theistic Evolution), who have even spoken out against Intelligent Design?

    It’s interesting how people buy into his supposed “suppression” of ideas when it is actually the other side that has been suppressed in America. People have always been free to teach intelligent design and other such ideas. In philosophy and religious studies classes. You don’t teach Math in English class and then whine about free speech.

    Science by definition, cannot invoke the supernatural. That is the real reason why Intelligent Design is ignored in the scientific circles. It is not suppressed anymore than Intelligent Falling (the idea that it is not gravity, but a supernatural deity pushing us down) is being suppressed.

  2. B. Shaw says:

    OOHHH! Controversy! I love it!

  3. Garrick says:

    This country, like it or not, believe it or not, was founded on Christian principles (The Holy Writ of the Bible). Our forefathers used the Old Testament and looked into history when building this country and the OT is in fact, History. They built a Republic, not a democracy because they knew that a democracy could never work since it gave too much power to the people. In this republic, Christian morals and values were emphasized because in history when a country followed God’s moral code of conduct they lived, prospered, and had all the blessing they could stand from the Father of Lights. This is Fact. You can look it up in secular history as well. Josephus was a Roman historian and he wrote about this man named Jesus who was doing things no one had ever seen before and did not hesitate to proclaim himself as LORD. By not accepting this, our country will spiral into the hands of an overtaker as is currently happening. If you don’t believe it now, you will. But by the time you do, it’ll be too late.

  4. Diana says:

    It is sad and amazing how far we have gone beyond our principles…. How people have forgotten the reason on how our founding fathers based our nation under God and the bible. we forget the reason of our nation’s existence and believe in anything that someone puts on a newspaper, magazine or news media just because it “looks better” or it is more convenient for us, it is sad how many people are turning from the one true God and are looking for their own sooo called “truths”! The sad thing is that they are being deceived and like sheep going to the slaughter they get in a line with a smile!!! I only hope that they allow their eyes and ears to truly function and stop looking elsewhere for answers when the truth they seek is in plain eyesight!!

  5. B. Shaw says:

    I hear people frequently express disappointment, sympathy, even anger over the issue of our “Christian Nation”. Our Nation was founded on Christian principles, they say, and we’ve strayed so far from it. Others argue that our Nation was not in fact founded on Christian principles at all, and the founding fathers intentionally left room for freedom of religion, etc.

    Well, both sides have their respective evidence, but either way, here’s what I think. Look at the history of Christianity and Judaism. God delivered Moses and his people out of Egypt, and not long after at all, Moses comes down from the Mountain with the 10 commandments to find everyone to find everyone worshiping a golden calf. The person who made the golden calf? Moses’ brother, Aaron. Ouch. The people had JUST been led out of Egypt, and already had strayed from God.

    Another example, perhaps all to obvious would be Adam and Eve. God created Adam and Eve and everything was good. They had paradise to live in. But they ate from the forbidden tree and were cast out. Adam and Eve are the Father and Mother of all Humanity. God created Earth to put us on it and to be with us, but we have all strayed from that original intention.

    All that to say, as bleak as it may sound, this is a pattern throughout history. And I’m not sure there’s a way to stop it. You can’t force someone into Christianity.

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