Do the ChaCha!

Let’s say you’re downtown and want to find a good place to eat, you’re feeling maybe some Chinese food. But you don’t know the area as well as you’d like and have no idea where to go.  You don’t have an iPhone because while they’re the cooelst things on the planet, they’re expensive. So what do you do?

You’re in the car driving and you ask yourself, “What year were sporks invented in?”.  Or you want to know how many horsepower the new mazda is. You want to know what a good clown will cost you. How long will it take me to get home with rush hour traffic? Regardless of the question, you want an answer, and you want it now.

You could go the way of texting google. But Google is for specific searches such as dictionary definitions and directions. Wouldn’t it be nice to call a friend and have them look it up for you? Along comes ChaCha.

ChaCha is a new, revloutionary, FREE text service, in which you can get virtually any question answered within a matter of minutes.  How, you may ask? When you text your query to ChaCha (242-242), ChaCha routes your question to a real person at a computer who looks up the answer for you. Each “Guide” has to cite the website that they drew the answer from. They text you back in a few minutes with the answer, and a link to the source website.. It’s that simple. Now you can have that friend who looks it up for you all the time.

ChaCha is perhaps one of the most addictively fun free things out there. And it’s incredibly useful too. Give it a shot. Text your questions to ChaCha (242-242).

One Response to Do the ChaCha!

  1. Alex W. says:

    Yes. Amen to ChaCha. Now give me my twenty cents.

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