Modern day warriors

Ever think about those firefights in World War II, revisited by films and film series such as Saving Private Ryan and HBO’s Band of Brothers? Wonder no more. You can read the Wikipedia account all you want, but you need to hear it straight from the soldiers’ recount of the Battle of Wanat:

Soldiers recount deadly attack on Afghanistan outpost | Stars and Stripes

The unfortunate reality is that I didn’t even hear about this when it happened two weeks ago. Optimistically, I hope this isn’t the case, but it’s too easy to glance over the headlines as they roll into our homepage and inboxes day in and out. If people could only hear the stories straight from our troops…

For what it’s worth, the recount of their experience getting bombarded with bullets and RPGs like no other, is described like a film, horrifyingly like the scenes in movies. It’s difficult to imagine pulling that strength to fortify your position on a patrol while your comrades are dropping left and right, and still doing your job. Another hat tip to the concept of redirecting oneself in order to do what you need for the people you care. These soldiers stationed on the other side of the world hold their ground to protect their establishment overseas, and in turn, our establishment here at home. If respect can’t be shown for these men and women over there, then that’s a problem.


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