Jamie Cullum – A Memorable Night at the Bowl

August 21, 2008

I made a last minute decision last night.  At 5 pm, I was trying to decided whether or not to go see Jamie Cullum at the Hollywood Bowl.  I didn’t have tickets yet and they were unavailable online.  But I thought I’d try and see what I could get at the box office.  I my good friends Caleb and Katy decided to come as well.  We parked at the park and ride 15 minutes from my aparment and for 5 bucks, got a round trip bus ticket to and from the Bowl.  When we got there, the cheapest tickets available were the $13 tickets.  I was more than okay with this, as $18 is a fantastic price to pay for what happened that night.

The night began with Elizabeth Shepherd.  The Canadian born jazz singer also plays piano, and was accompanied by a bassist and drummer.  I really liked their music.  She had almost a Bjork/Fiona Apple sound, but with a definite jazz feel.  This was very much “progressive” jazz, with odd harmonizations and frequent time changes.  A few times I was thrown off by the time changes, but that’s not a complaint.  The bassist and drummer were very good, and Elizabeth’s piano playing was great, although I wasn’t crazy about her singing.  It’s not that she has a particularly bad or unpleasant voice, it’s that she doesn’t have a particularly pleasant, or memorable voice.  She can sing just fine, but her voice wasn’t all that memorable.  All in all, they were very good though, and I plan on checking them out online.

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A toast…

August 11, 2008

I can’t believe we failed to mention it here, but Brandon’s post below just reminded me. BIG CONGRATS to our friends, Jameson and Blaze, on their engagement! Friends out there, make sure to bother him about it when you see him. We’re happy for ya,… boy, we’re living with an engaged man.

Growing Up

August 11, 2008

I remember being a wee lil’ tyke and dreaming about being a grown up.  It seemed so far off, it was hard to picture.  I would imagine myself as tall, handsome man who did all sorts of adult things like drive cars and have credit cards.  I remember thinking how weird it would be when my brother, 3 years older, and I would be married and even have children.  Of course it wouldn’t be weird to us because we would be adults and be completely used to this lifestyle.

My brother married a wonderful woman 3 years ago.  My former roommate just got engaged.  My current roommate just got engaged.  I am currently in the Portland Airport getting ready to fly home after one of my best friend’s weddings.  It was one thing when my brother married.  After all, he’s much older than me, I still had a few years.

Being at my friends’ wedding this weekend felt pretty normal.  After all, they’ve been dating for almost 7 years now and are practically married anyway.  Trying on tuxes wasn’t a big deal.  Seeing the wedding cake wasn’t a big deal.  Practicing wasn’t a big deal.  But when I saw the bride in her dress and looking gorgeous, it hit me.  HOLY CRAP.  MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED!  I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have people my age marrying. But, in the case of my brother, if I got married at the same age he did, I’d be getting married next month.

What’s even weirder… My brother and his wife are having a baby!  I’m going to be an uncle! Of course I’m overjoyed for them, but at the same time, I find myself asking,  “What the? When did I grow up?!” I still feel like a kid.

Extraordinary feats shuts up the smack

August 11, 2008

Did you miss what happened with the 4×100 Men’s Swimming Relay last night? Miss what happened with the American team? Miss the hype surrounding the opposing French team?

I don’t have words. Watch it.


August 9, 2008

Politics aside, 08-08-08 was quite a remarkable night. About the population in China, I just have to say: they are a determined people. It’s mentioned that the Games bring people together, aside from the obvious reality of it, it really does. Just thinking about the fact that the largest number of attending heads of state convened under one room. In China. The initial number I heard on NBC, something like 48? No. Over 100. In China. No consider that fact only thirty years ago.

Can you remember thinking through the opening ceremony, “Oh, sweet hydraulic system.” Because that’s probably when they all popped up from the tops and waved at you right? I’ll assume you understood that if you watched it.

One part did bring a tear to my eye. The 56 children representing their specific ethnic subgroups of China carrying in their national flag. boy, they are adorable before age 10.

Then there was the Tai Chi section they exhibited within the opening ceremony. They’re good. They are good. It’s great to see a nation and a people yearning to become more hopeful than has been seen in the last century. To see an exhibition of artful, spectacular display of pride in the human potential.

Oh, and here’s to seeing another ridiculous commercial involving a stampede of sumos conglomerating into a fleshy flight vessel or dragon-breath-induced-heated-water-pipes-for-your-outdoor-hot-tub-in-China.

“Utility” Belt

August 5, 2008

Who needs a beer hat?

Touch-Tone Fun

August 3, 2008

I definitely feel that this performance was phoned in.

He’s a bit of a phony.

Ok I’m done.