Growing Up

I remember being a wee lil’ tyke and dreaming about being a grown up.  It seemed so far off, it was hard to picture.  I would imagine myself as tall, handsome man who did all sorts of adult things like drive cars and have credit cards.  I remember thinking how weird it would be when my brother, 3 years older, and I would be married and even have children.  Of course it wouldn’t be weird to us because we would be adults and be completely used to this lifestyle.

My brother married a wonderful woman 3 years ago.  My former roommate just got engaged.  My current roommate just got engaged.  I am currently in the Portland Airport getting ready to fly home after one of my best friend’s weddings.  It was one thing when my brother married.  After all, he’s much older than me, I still had a few years.

Being at my friends’ wedding this weekend felt pretty normal.  After all, they’ve been dating for almost 7 years now and are practically married anyway.  Trying on tuxes wasn’t a big deal.  Seeing the wedding cake wasn’t a big deal.  Practicing wasn’t a big deal.  But when I saw the bride in her dress and looking gorgeous, it hit me.  HOLY CRAP.  MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED!  I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have people my age marrying. But, in the case of my brother, if I got married at the same age he did, I’d be getting married next month.

What’s even weirder… My brother and his wife are having a baby!  I’m going to be an uncle! Of course I’m overjoyed for them, but at the same time, I find myself asking,  “What the? When did I grow up?!” I still feel like a kid.

6 Responses to Growing Up

  1. Alex W. says:

    Aaahhh this can’t be happening!

  2. Alex W. says:

    Boy, I’m so behind, Brandon… so behind.

  3. B. Shaw says:

    Seriously, we gotta step up our game man.

  4. T-Ron says:

    maybe getting married and having babies isnt necessary for growing up:)

  5. B. Shaw says:

    While you are correct that getting married and having babies isn’t necessary for growing up, growing up is necessary to get married and have babies. And seeing all the marriages and babies all around me, I feel like I’m not grown up enough to have all this business happen. I still feel like I’m too young.

  6. T-Ron says:

    well you are too young so dont worry about it! im not old enough yet either if that makes you feel any better:)

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