Pepper-Crusted Prime Jelly

Prepared by yours truly, culinary delight Mr. Shaw at Le Dinér de Denny’s.

6 Responses to Pepper-Crusted Prime Jelly

  1. blazedanielle says:

    ………. May I ask what that is???

  2. B. Shaw says:

    It’s exactly what it sounds like. A morsel of sweet, farm-fresh fruit preserves is coated in a freshly ground pepper crust and gently nestled on a bed of more fresh crushed peppercorns. But not before it’s smothered in CLUB SAUCE!

  3. Blaze Danielle says:

    Oh man…. and you kiss your mother with that mouth??

  4. K_Shaw says:

    In order to be “Pepper Crusted” it would need to be grilled or seared. I really want you to try this.

  5. faith kathleen says:

    That is absolutely disgusting. Ew.

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