facing change

November 24, 2008

The inevitable change.  It comes certainly, either accompanied by great anticipation or anxiety.  I love old stuff: cars, music, movies, literature and just plain stuff and I surround myself with it.  So living amongst all these remainders from past cultures I often feel the pressures of change heavily.  An example would be when I watch a silent Chaplin film in black and white and the movie ends it is replaced by modern television.  It hits that changes are ever-present and they quickly add up within a few years.  There are so many changes within our own lifetimes.


I try my best to walk into them optimistically but am always sure I will miss the ways and feel of past times.  The most interesting, exciting and depressing changes are the people changes.  Not only do people change themselves but the circumstances of people change moving people here and there now and then.  These changes in circumstances both benefit and hurt.  Great people, close friends are taken to other places yet without these changes we may have never met those friends.


 It is the inevitable change that we owe so much happiness to.  There are so many great and lovely people to know and share experiences with; we’ll never know them all.  Treasure the past and present, love the endless possibilities for the future and thank God for all of them.