The Porch gets a lakeview

This morning I awoke unusually early, 2 a.m.  I awoke slowly, first to the sound of the heated arguments of my neighbors.  At first, in my half-dreaming state I was sure they were discussing and arguing over communication theory.  Once I was fully awake I realized I could not actually hear what they were saying and that it would be ridiculous to discuss communication in such a heated manner at two in the mourning.  Also, as I became more aware I heard  the loud commotion of a large truck.  I lay and listened for a while and decided it  was probably a tow truck.  When I finally got up, just to check to see it was not my car, I looked out the window and saw fire trucks as far and the line of sight would allow me.  There were five that I could count.

I began to look around more intently (though I did not have it quite in me to venture out of the apartment to have a look down the street). I noticed a lot of water running down the gutters so it was either a broken fire hydrant, watermain or they were putting something out.  Later I noticed the water was also flooding the lawn areas around the building, and for a night we had a babbling broke outside our office window and a porch looking over a small lake.

This mourning sent me thinking (especially with its disorienting beginning).  I was reminded of one of my favorite verses from the Bible Psalm 16:8 “I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be shaken.”  In those times we feel we may be shaken we must be sure to set the Lord before us in our ways and then we will live in the comfort of the security of having a great God.

One Response to The Porch gets a lakeview

  1. It also reminded me of Bob Dylan’s Visions of Johanna– “Ain’t just like the night to play tricks when you’re trying to be so quite.”

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