The Second Coming

When we initially started this blog, we started it as a place to hold discussions and talk about life. The idea was to share things that were happening in our lives (people, experiences, art) and if anyone wanted to peek over our shoulders, they were welcome to. The problem was, we all lived together.

This blog had great potential, but the problem was that we were all living under the same roof. It would have been silly to save discussions for the blog instead of just talking in person. So most of our discussions and sharing of stories happened in person. But now, some time has passed, and we are all in very different places than when this blog started.

Jameson is off and happily married. And he is notoriously bad at replying on facebook. Hector is back in Redlands (the Deadlands) and guest authoring on other, more respected blogs.  Alex is pursuing his music career and involved in a fight club. Ask him about it. (And he came to my gig last night WITH A GIRL) Layne is working a big kid job (you suits!). And I’m sitting on the couch in our old apartment all by myself, for I have been abandoned by my blood brothers (okay, was I the only one who took our blood oath seriously? I plan on dying in the apartment, you bastards).

My point is, we’re all spread out now, none of us live together anymore. That era has ended. And what a blast it was. Now is the perfect time to restart the blog and get discussion going. So get posting.

8 Responses to The Second Coming

  1. B. Shaw says:

    Let’s make it a goal to write posts that top Hector’s “Culture in Disney and Pixar’s Cars”.

  2. corporatesuitmeadows says:

    you all love my username. ‘Nuff said!

    But yes, it is a new era in life, and I love the idea of continuing on our good ol’ times through the interwebs. Oh, and nice job Alex.

    More enthralling posts to come, but I’m tired and will now sleep.

  3. Alex W says:

    It’ll take the efforts of all three of us to reach the height of Hector’s single posts.

    By the way, I usually had to explain my bruises the next morning.

    Lastly, check out the link to the Authors page. I think it’s a sign. Hector’s the lone image standing. How’d that happen?

  4. B. Shaw says:

    Layne, I do love your username. I will add you right now.

  5. B. Shaw says:

    Yeah, Alex, what happened there? Dang it. Time for a remodel.

  6. B. Shaw says:

    Lastly, I just checked, and Hector’s “Culture in Disney and Pixar’s Cars” has 18,117 views. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? We have a lot of work to do.

  7. corporatesuitmeadows says:

    So I was all ready to make my very first blog entry, i even had a piping cup of tea to accompany me on this literary exploration. Sadly, the place where I enter a post doesn’t seem to be compatible with the iPad (another GREAT job done by apple- im not thinking of you at all, Brandon) . Unfortunately im gonna have to wait to get home on my whale of a desktop to get this done. CRAP! But in other news, I’m growing a mini-beard right now, and the occupiers have set themselves up outside my office window…they’ll never get me alive!

    And, truly, a happy thanksgiving to all. I hope football, family and feasting were enjoyed by everyone(except Alex, he probably watched string quartets on PBS instead of that awesome cowboys game!)

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