How your tv works. How your conductor doesn’t.

February 25, 2009

HT: Gizmodo

Touch-Tone Fun

August 3, 2008

I definitely feel that this performance was phoned in.

He’s a bit of a phony.

Ok I’m done.

Press Bb to start game…

July 19, 2008

Anybody remember seeing this?

Just for follow-up fun… I think the horn blowing out flames really takes the cake on this one…

Oh, and Jameson,… I strongly urge… no, I mandate you to purchase the t-shirt on the front page of

That’s all.


March 4, 2008

There are certain experiences that many of us have in common or at least have similar experiences to.  For example many of us have stories about when we were first learning to drive.  Another example is that many have experiences with electricity.  It is all around us and imbedded in our homes.  At some point we are going to come at odds with it.  For many of us this happened in childhood as it did with me.  This is my electricity story.

            When I was a kid (I don’t remember how old but think I was still shorter than the door knob) we had a rocking horse that was on a pole frame and springs (I think we still have the horse).  It was a light blue and it looked like a horse of a carousel.  Now being a kid I used to pretend a lot and that day I wanted to pretend I was at a supermarket.  In my play I pushed the horse up against the near an electrical outlet.  I got on pretending it was one of those mechanical rides in front of the grocery stores and put my penny in the slot to start the fun. 

            When I put the penny in (that’s all you get when you’re a kid) I got a shock and sparks flew and smoke floated.  This freaked me out at first but realizing I was okay and wondering what had happened I cooled down and went to tell my parents, “There’s a fire in my room.” 

            They rushed over to see what I meant and what I did.  The sparks and smoke burned the outlet and a little of the wall.  Thankfully the curtains of the window directly above the outlet were too short to catch.  That outlet in my room is still burnt and my dad still has the burnt and partially melted penny.

            What are some of your experiences with electricity? 

One Man Dance Party

January 22, 2008

Every moment has a song that, if played, acts as an uncontrollable catalyst, changing a moment into a legend. In less then a second a menial drop off and pick up on a Friday night can turn into an event never to be forgotten. In this case, the song was Genesis by French techno duo Justice. It began innocently enough, my companions and I were dropping off one member and picking up another on the back street of their apartment. While awaiting the switch to take place I pressed play on the song,  hoping to get better acquainted with the band I had just recently seen on a replay of Jimmy Kimmel. Like activating the jets of a spa I began to see our driver’s muscles begin to twitch beginning with his eyebrows and lips. Next thing I knew his elbows arose into the position that only means one thing: white boy has decided he wants to groove. The front seat of an SUV is hardly enough room to host a dance so the pulsing and rocking quickly broke these boundary lines. I witnessed the near snapping of the seat, the passenger behind’s arms up in complete preparation for such an event. Sitting shotgun, the surface of my personal bubble was first to be broken as shoulders and bouncing head slammed into me. I recoiled as close to my door as possible in earnest defense. A small push and I thought it would be over but rather my actions helped the dance gain momentum instead. Chuck Taylors extended out the driver side window, spastically moving to the beat. They retreated in the car only to be replaced by the torso of the not-so-tiny dancer who countenance now shone through the moon roof. I now feared for his life as cars drove quickly passed the our parked vehicle, threatening to clip off his body. Reentry took place as he journeyed into the back seat, I was momentarily safe but now watched the madness being forced on another.  A quick turn of my neck and he was now just a pair of pulsing legs hanging over the back seat. What happened next was unexpected. He was now shimmying out the back window, mounting the top of the SUV. The added percussion of his hands and knees working their way towards the front of the car unleashed pandemonium in my chest as I could no longer bear the hilarity of the situation. Our new passenger now in the car, the dancer chose to re-descend through the moon roof and was nearly unsuccessful due to the swift push of the button which caused the window to close in on his legs. I relented and we drove to another apartment to pick up some supplies for the evenings adventures, thinking the dance was over. I was wrong. Entering the long driveway into the next apartment I looked over to find the driver seat vacant, the door open, and our driver doing a speedy moon walk outside of it. An old lady and an oncoming car quickly registered in us the danger of the situation as my mind raced to think of how to prevent disaster. My mind was relieved to see the driver return; only to do it again in the parking lot. Thank God it was finally over.