Let’s Share Stories

January 24, 2008

Part of the reason I liked the idea of a multiple author blog was because of the active communication of ideas and experiences it would allow.  We as individuals have each lived different experiences and come from different places.  There have been a few shared experiences (I also witnessed the one man dance party and it was every bit as exciting and frightening as it was described), but being different people we will each have our own stories.


If we were totally dependant on our own personal experiences we would know so little and understand less.  We learn of the things we never see by the stories of those who have seen those things. Bratcher’s comment on “The Future is Here” touches on this as he pointed out how we have already seen it thanks to communication yet at the same time to see for yourself would be an entirely different experience.  But none of us can experience all there is to experience.

For this reason I want this to be a place for the telling of stories.  We as the authors will be telling our stories and ask you as the readers to tell yours.  Leave us comments. Share with us.  Relate to us. Help us expand our experiences.