March 4, 2008

There are certain experiences that many of us have in common or at least have similar experiences to.  For example many of us have stories about when we were first learning to drive.  Another example is that many have experiences with electricity.  It is all around us and imbedded in our homes.  At some point we are going to come at odds with it.  For many of us this happened in childhood as it did with me.  This is my electricity story.

            When I was a kid (I don’t remember how old but think I was still shorter than the door knob) we had a rocking horse that was on a pole frame and springs (I think we still have the horse).  It was a light blue and it looked like a horse of a carousel.  Now being a kid I used to pretend a lot and that day I wanted to pretend I was at a supermarket.  In my play I pushed the horse up against the near an electrical outlet.  I got on pretending it was one of those mechanical rides in front of the grocery stores and put my penny in the slot to start the fun. 

            When I put the penny in (that’s all you get when you’re a kid) I got a shock and sparks flew and smoke floated.  This freaked me out at first but realizing I was okay and wondering what had happened I cooled down and went to tell my parents, “There’s a fire in my room.” 

            They rushed over to see what I meant and what I did.  The sparks and smoke burned the outlet and a little of the wall.  Thankfully the curtains of the window directly above the outlet were too short to catch.  That outlet in my room is still burnt and my dad still has the burnt and partially melted penny.

            What are some of your experiences with electricity?