A Tight Groove

July 13, 2008

Tonight as the sun set over Buena Park Christ Community Church, I saw a glimpse of heaven. APU’s touring musical small group, Celebration, not only was mind-blowing and impressive, but knowing it was the last time this group would exist together as it is to perform together and lead people into the presence of God through worship only heightened our experience into their their tightly woven harmonies (and unisons), impecable timing, unspoken fervor, and powerhouse skills of voices and hands all serving the unified purpose of their music, worship, and ministry.

It was breathtaking, much of what vocalists like Ashley and Jessie did, singing and speaking Josiah’s bass-playing could get anyone head-bobbing and feet-thumping after a few seconds. Andrew, oh friend and former roommate, there are no words… Just when you thought his work on the ivories wasn’t enough, he picks up the guitar. Anyone get inspired by August Rush? The drummer, Justin, could not be more on top of it! But I’m just a violist speaking. Wow, such great strides made over and for this tour. Players like Ryan and Karen you often can’t get enough of. Karen on Tambourine and Shaker,… Oh and the cello. What happened to the ‘concert not ending until she sets her cello on fire’? I was in such high anticipation!

Thank guys, for doing what you did up there. Thank you for the work you put in so that we could, well… groove with you. I can easily say I am proud to study music among a crowd such as yourselves.

On a slight tangent, there is something to be said for the repetition of performance. I know this happens often in a more mainstream contemporary band than not… rock, pop or jazz, but coming from a classical standpoint, so many times it seems that we work forever towards one or two performances, and what could-have-been, would actually come easier. In the two weeks my quartet performed and toured, we crossed lines in ensemble performances that two years only seem to get us close to. Practice and rehearse all you want, but perform more. Especially in college while the opportunities are up for the grabbing. That’s what tonight reminded me of, this small group touring for six weeks, despite any hindrances or confilcts of personalities, etc (just generalizing… every group will have its share… I don’t know) meshed and grooved so incredibly tight. That’s what performing on the road does, right?